What allhx does:

In medical terms "hx" stands for "history" and so "allhx" (pronouced "all-x") is about the history of everything - people, places and things. You can read more on the allhx blog.

What we aspire to:

A B Corp (Benefit Corporation). Simply put, a B Corp exists "to provide a financial return...and to deliver material social benefits to society." That's why, among other things, we committed on day 1 to flow 10% of profit to local charities.

Where we're at:

The history of everything is a tall order, so we had to pick a starting point. Because places play such a meaningful role in history, we decided to start there. In the spring of 2012 we went live with over a million locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Update: January 2014 - We added 8MM+ addresses in Florida. Most records include property boundary information, the size of the property and the living area of any buildings.
  • Update: August 2013 - We recently launched our US site www.theaddressproject.com with 300k+ addresses in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Update: June 2013 - New Brunswick, Quebec and the 3 territories are coming online!
  • Update: May 2013 - Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador are up!
  • Update: April 2013 - Manitoba and Sasketchewan are now coming online.
  • Update: January 2013 - Alberta is now coming online.
  • Update: November 2012 - We've recently brought on hundreds of new cities in Ontario and started our profiling of British Columbia.

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Explore Toronto's Highland Crescent where #75 is one of the 10 most expensive listings in Canada (2012).
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